Martin Radecki Photo


Sr. Partner and Managing Director
Our team of technical and regulatory compliance experts aligns with your unique needs to develop customized solutions and strategies that enable effective project execution to meet project milestones, regulatory compliance, approvals, and critical business objectives.
Martin Radecki, Sr. Partner and Managing Director

With proven experience building sustainable business, high-performance teams, driving operational efficiency, and growing services in competitive spaces, Martin Radecki is a thoughtful and forward-thinking leader. Able to deliver results, market access, and new innovative services in C&Q space. Accountable for full business outcomes and implementation of processes and programs to deliver growth and revenue results on a consistent basis. Experience in empowering teams to drive improvements to enhance the quality-of-service delivery.

Fluent in English and Polish, he understands the demands and growth potential of today’s global economy and is fluid in domestic and international markets. An active leader in defining new industry trends and guidelines, Martin drives best-in-class solutions and innovative strategies.

  • Responsible for cultural and organizational transformations, strategy for growth, long-range capital investment, strong operational foundations, and delivering significant value to stakeholders.
  • Builds and manages external and internal relationships across all levels of organizations.
  • Evaluates potential business opportunities and market demand to accelerate the expansion of premium technical solutions to enhance overall client value propositions.
  • Initiates new industry trends and guidelines in leveraging Commissioning into Qualification and participated in the review panel for the 2nd Edition of ISPE Baseline Guide Commissioning & Qualification available summer 2019.
  • Led VEQTOR’s successful implementation of C&Q Facility Expansion based on the ASTM E2500 guidelines and the 2nd Edition of ISPE Baseline Guide Commissioning & Qualification.
Christopher Tydus Photo


Sr. Partner and Managing Director
We founded VEQTOR because the Life Science Industry needs a partner that delivers great value through personalized services that focus on compliance, effectiveness, efficiency, and sustainability.
Christopher Tydus, Sr. Partner and Managing Director

An accomplished pharmaceutical and medical device professional, Christopher Tydus has over 19 years of experience managing and delivering compliance remediation, packaging serialization implantation, process improvements, commissioning and qualification, and validation services.

A leader in the Life Sciences, his practical understanding and application of process engineering and project management in implementing a complex variety of compliance efforts are highly valued. Additionally, his expertise encompasses balancing project schedules and the risk of non-compliance and technical aspects to meet business and regulatory requirements.

  • Leads daily operations and internal compliance programs including cultural and organizational transformations, strategy for growth, long-range capital investment, strong operational foundations, and delivers significant value to stakeholders.
  • Builds and manages external and internal relationships across all levels of organizations.
  • Evaluates project costs and schedules, oversees implantation of project.


Sr. Director Project Engineering & Automation
I apply my extensive experience in the biotech industry to skillfully design and integrate automation solutions tailored to optimize operations and achieve the highest standards of quality and utilize cost effective tools.
Sarah Maruccia, Sr. Director Project Engineering & Automation

With over 18 years of experience in Biotech and Pharmaceutical Manufacturing and Automation, Sarah Maruccia amassed a wide range of experience from small-scale facility startup to greenfield large-scale construction; including technical, strategic, and people management roles within Manufacturing and Automation. She’s exceptionally skilled at identifying business challenges to implement the right tactical solutions to achieve results. Sarah has an admirable track record of meeting project and corporate goals on time, in full, and under budget.

  • Builds and develops strong technical teams invested in implementing company standards while adhering to industry regulations.
  • Responsible for conceptualization, design, development, validation and execution of client C&Q Delta V projects utilizing ASTM E2500.
  • Evaluates key performance indicators, while creating quantifiable metrics to track milestones and success.
  • Collaborates with client partners to reduce costs and increase efficiency within project scope and timelines.
Vivienne Fenton Photo

Vivienne Fenton

Sr. Director Automation & Project Management
After many requests from existing VEQTOR clients, VEQTOR has an operating presence in Ireland. This is exciting times for the local and European life science companies who are looking for an alternative technical service provider. VEQTOR is uniquely positioned to serve them with personalized solutions.
Vivienne Fenton, Sr. Director Automation & Project Management

Vivienne began her career over 15 years ago in her native Cork and has returned after working around the world to focus on establishing VEQTOR’s operating presence in Ireland. VEQTOR is an ISO 9001 company committed to maintaining the highest quality of service for our customers. Vivienne will ensure that this exceptional service which VEQTOR is known for, is delivered to our customers in Ireland. She has an industry wide perspective across a variety of automation and technology solutions, with a 100% commitment to ensuring that customer needs are satisfied. Vivienne has designed, implemented and overseen numerous automation projects and has led many cross functional, multi-cultural teams in leading global life science companies. Her global experience is reflected in her unique approach to management which is collaborative, motivating and fair with an emphasis on open and transparent communication with our customers, stakeholders and colleagues.

  • Develops client relationships to understand their needs and offers customized tailored solutions.
  • Responsible for conceptualization, design, development, validation and execution of client C&Q Delta V projects utilizing ASTM E2500.
  • Manages teams to deliver projects on time, in full and within budget.
  • Provides expert knowledge across a range of global vendor technologies and platforms and understands all stages of the automation projects life cycle from concept through to decommissioning
My business and accounting background combined with extensive administrative experiences provide a high level of service to current and prospective clients and employees.
Michael Szudy, Operations Manager

With a Bachelor of Science in Economics from the University of Illinois, Michael Szudy brings over 12 years of administrative experience as an account and financial analyst. He effectively manages day-to-day business and HR operations and is instrumental in developing strategic operational activity and implementation of operational plans.

  • Improves, optimizes, and organizes operational systems, processes, and policies while maintaining administrative and accounting archives.
  • Administers payroll and employee benefits and organizational insurance.
  • Manages fiscal and legal documents, reviews and analyzes client contracts for exact billing and account resolution.
  • Reconciles monthly activity, generates year-end reports, and fulfills tax related requirements.


Manager Quality & Cleaning Validation 
My comprehensive background in quality and validation provides me with the expertise to lead and manage VEQTOR’s quality systems as well as their cleaning validation services. My unique perspectives in these areas offer VEQTOR’s global customers access and benefits to remain current with regulatory standards and industry trends.
Rachel Legler, Manager, Quality & Cleaning Validation

A proven leader with over 10 years of industry experience in startups, commissioning and qualification, validation, quality services, and resource management.  Rachel Legler is knowledgeable in regulatory requirements and experienced in audit preparation, participation, and response.  She has in-depth experience in leading cleaning validation efforts for large pharmaceutical expansion projects, aiding the startup and qualification of new manufacturing facilities, and an analytical QC/R&D laboratory.  As an alumna of Purdue University, Rachel holds a Bachelor of Science in Chemistry specializing in Biology.

  • Implements, manages and oversees ISO 9001 QMS process.
    • Delivers innovative solutions to Cleaning Validation challenges.
      • Aids clients in creating robust cost-effective Cleaning Validation programs and systems.
        • Works with clients to understand their needs to develop a long-term mutually beneficial working relationship.
        • Provides audit readiness and response preparation as well as root cause analysis and corrective action development and implementation.
        • Provides the pathway of communication between clients and candidates.
        • Communicates with candidates to understand their career goals, experience, and skills to best match available career opportunities.