Implementation and Platform Partner With Program and Academy Specializations.

We’re a Trusted Kneat Services Partner. As a Kneat Services Partner we’re qualified to map and configure your work processes to Kneat Gx, to scale these processes across your various sites and provide ongoing support to your users. Kneat Solutions’ feature rich paperless validation platform, Kneat Gx makes validation easier, faster and smarter.  Purpose built for the Life Sciences, Kneat Gx digitizes your entire validation life-cycle, enabling validation teams to author, review, approve, test-execute, manage exceptions and post-approve any business process in a 21 CFR Part 11 compliant web based software that’s securely accessible anywhere with an internet connection.

VEQTOR’s Partnership with Kneat includes:

  • Implementation Partner – can implement without KNEAT directly involved
  • Platform Partner – use pilot to do proof of concept
  • Kneat Academy Partner – provide certified training for Kneat (end and power users 1 & 2)
  • Program Partner – VEQTOR has own out of the box solution (preconfigured instance of workflows created for risk-based C&Q)
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VEQTOR partners with JBT’s world-renown design, fabrication, and installation services to create a client-valued end-to-end solution with fully leverageable risk-based Commissioning and Qualification (C&Q) approach.  VEQTOR’s expertise in the validation documentation, design life cycle, and risk-based commissioning and qualification principles per ASTM E2500 puts product quality and customer satisfaction at the forefront, while finding efficiency gains using a Quality-by-Design (QbD) approach.

JBT is a leading global technology solutions provider to high-value segments of the food processing, pharmaceutical processing, and air transportation industries. JBT specializes in the design and fabrication of processes, equipment, and systems that standardize and drive efficiency without compromising quality across their robust product line. In order to provide a turn-key solution to their client-base, VEQTOR has joined JBT as a preferred C&Q and Automation partner.


VEQTOR partners with Seeq to deliver advanced analytics to process manufacturing organizations. As a trusted Seeq Reseller and Service Partner, VEQTOR is qualified to conduct data mapping, and subsequently configure, build, and customize Seeq Workbench for advanced data analysis, Seeq Organizer for data reporting, and Seeq Data Lab for data science, providing scale, optimization, and ongoing support to users.

Seeq is an advanced analytics solution for process manufacturing data that enables organizations to rapidly discover, share, and scale analyses across assets and plants. Pharmaceutical, oil & gas, specialty chemical, and numerous other vertical industries rely on Seeq to improve production outcomes, including yield, margins, quality, and sustainability.

No deviation Nd

VEQTOR is proud to partner with No deviation Pte Ltd, a patient centric solution provider for the pharmaceutical and biotech industries. With operations in Europe and Singapore, this strengthens VEQTOR’s and No Deviation’s value proposition for clients by providing Global Services for C&Q, Kneat Services, and other quality and engineering-based services.

No Deviations mission and vison align with VEQTOR’s core values “to a better quality of life by creating sustainable solutions for our people and partners.”  No Deviation and VEQTOR are both Partners with Kneat and have staff trained to Super user level and master trainers, allowing us both to fully map your validation processes and digitize them in an optimal way.

ISPE Corporate Silver Sponsor

VEQTOR is a proud Corporate Partner of ISPE and actively engages with ISPE in Communities of Practice and subcommittees to collaborate on solutions to common goals and challenges in the pharmaceutical industry.  VEQTOR aligns its values with ISPE’s in streamlining approaches to risk-based automation integration & testing, C&Q, and validation in the US and Europe. VEQTOR looks forward to creating new guidance and education on its journey to Shape the Future of Pharma with ISPE.


MasterControl Inc. is a leading provider of cloud-based quality and manufacturing software for life sciences and other regulated industries. For three decades, our mission has been the same as that of our customers – to bring life-changing products to more people sooner. MasterControl helps organizations digitize, automate, and connect quality and manufacturing processes. Innovative MasterControl tools have a proven track record of improving real-time, reducing cost, and accelerating time to market. Over 1,100 companies worldwide use MasterControl solutions to streamline operations, maintain compliance, easily analyze and interpret large amounts of data, and visualize business insights in real time. For more information, visit


We are thrilled to unveil our partnership with KENX, a leading authority in the life sciences sector renowned for over thirty years of expertise in navigating regulatory landscapes worldwide. This collaboration marks a significant milestone in our commitment to advancing the safety and efficacy of pharmaceuticals, medical devices, and processes.

Through this dynamic alliance, VEQTOR proudly assumes the role of Gold Sponsor for Kenx’s prestigious Validate University USA and EU events. These gatherings are pivotal platforms for industry professionals, fostering interactive discussions, sharing best practices, and facilitating invaluable networking opportunities.

KENX, fostered a vibrant community of over 150,000 engaged members, facilitating interactive conferences, webinars, and valuable resources to empower professionals with impactful tools and techniques. KENX has successfully navigated the FDA and globally regulated environments, emphasizing the critical exchange of knowledge to enhance the safety and efficacy of drugs, devices, and processes. Our integrated sponsorships are strategically designed to deliver sustained thought leadership and visibility to key decision-makers in the life sciences arena.

At VEQTOR, we drive innovation and foster collaboration within the life sciences community. Our sponsorship of Validate University underscores this dedication, enabling us to contribute thought leadership and visibility to key decision-makers worldwide.

Together with KENX, we embark on a journey to shape the future of the life sciences landscape, leveraging our combined strengths to propel industry advancements and empower professionals with the tools and knowledge needed to thrive in a rapidly evolving regulatory environment.