VEQTOR is a Platform Partner with KNEAT and has been granted Program Specialist when we had our first Program Pack certified: Veqtor-Kneat Gx+ Digital Life Cycle Program developed for risk-based C&Q / CSV for Direct & Not Direct impact systems, and Quality & Engineering Change Management.  

VEQTOR has now developed and received KNEAT certification for our second Program Pack:  

Veqtor-Kneat Gx+ Automation CSA Program for DCS  

This program pack provides clients with a full solution for planning, documenting, testing, reporting, and maintaining DCS software and OT infrastructure throughout its Automation lifecycle, while incorporating principles defined in ISPE Baseline Guide Volume 5: Commissioning and Qualification and ISPE GAMP 5: A Risk-Based Approach to Compliant GxP Computerized Systems. 

This new program pack is targeted at creating a risk-based and lean approach to managing your Automation documentation utilizing KNEAT’s core functionality for document creation, data transfer, testing, and automatic tracing to requirements.  

What is a Program Pack? 

A Program Pack is an out-of-the-box solution for clients who are looking to digitize their validation processes with a time-sensitive and cost-effective solution while leveraging best-in-class risk-based approaches.  The certification of the content by KNEAT guarantees this as an optimal solution in the KNEAT GX platform, using the functionality of the system to its fullest. 

The trusted turn-around time for VEQTOR implementation of our Program Packs is 6 weeks, compared to a 12-15-week custom implementation.

If you are interested in going digital in time for a project of your own – this could be an opportunity to deploy packaged content onto your KNEAT Instance in a reduced timeline and cost-effective way. 

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