Seamless Project Execution | Reduce Implementation Time | Greater Visibility & Control
Reduce Cost | Eliminate Redundancy |Focus on Product & Process Knowledge
Strengthen quality systems | Agile, Robust & Standardized Change Control

Achieve Greater Efficiency with Risk-based & Paperless C&Q and CSV


The future of validation is here. VEQTOR is your authorized Implementation and Platform partner with Program and Academy Specializations in KneatGx™ – a paperless validation platform that digitizes the entire validation life cycle. As validation and engineering experts, our certified team helps you understand the KneatGx™ system’s capabilities and provides a comprehensive demo on how to convert your present C&Q process from paper to electronic format. Our project-tested experience and CSV support – in coordination with your internal software validation IT group – creates a highly efficient system.

VEQTOR’s support provides you with improved processes and reduced implementation time to implement a paperless system. After installation, VEQTOR guides you through validating your converted paper process in coordination with your internal software validation group.

For even greater efficiency, VEQTOR’s project-tested risk-based concepts are incorporated into developing a paperless process as a vehicle to standardize risk-based C&Q. This also promotes sustainability by going green and enables greater efficiencies and work life balance through a flexible review and approval process. Our team can configure early proof of concept using validated KneatGx™.