Victoria Loffredo

Sr. Director of Human Resources

Christopher Tydus

Sr. Partner and Managing Director

Robin Senesac

Director of Training

Kevin Walker

IT Manager

Martin Radecki

Sr. Partner and Managing Director

Philip Jarvis

Director of Integrated C&Q
and Paperless Strategy, Ireland

Lara Crowley

Project Manager for KNEAT,
C&Q and Automation

Vivienne Fenton

Sr. Director of Automation &
Project Management, Ireland

Rachel Legler

Quality Manager

Kristan Baker

Director of Kneat, Capital Projects
& Digital Transformation

Sarah Maruccia

Sr. Director of Automation,
Project Management, Engineering

Donna Griffith

Director of C&Q,
East & West Coast

Joe Miller

Talent Acquisition Manager

Paulina Bujak

General Manager, C&Q and QA, Poland

Matthew Galley

Director of C&Q, Midwest